Brand new build need ideas for investing in a gpu


Dec 12, 2008
Just built my new pc:
sabertooth x58
6 gigs ram
i7 x4 3.2 ghz
windows 7
cougar 700watt supply

right now im running the ati all in wonder HD. Its been a good one but is outdated. I don't know alot about graphics cards but im running 2 monitors maybe a third in the near future so eyefinity is a must. 24 and 19 inch acer monitors. Let me know what you think.

Considering your system, I wouldn't get less than an HD6950, but a 6970 would be better. It's either that or wait until the 7000 series GPU's come out, but I believe they may be delayed due to some yield issues. Probably not til early next year. I would go with the HD 6970, it should be good for a couple of years.

The HD 6870 is a nice midrange card. Toms "Best Videocards..." article says this:,3018-4.html

For eyefinity it should provide a decent experience. But to me if I'm spending 500-600 on monitors, what's the big deal with spending some cash to drive them?
The 6870 will be adequate, but at 2560X1600 I'd pay for 2GB of memory.