Question Brand New Computer Freezes During Game


Oct 20, 2011
Hello Everyone,

I was hoping to avoid these problems but I guess I can't.

I have built a new desktop about three weeks ago. The specs are below.

Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Motherboard
32GB DDR4 Corsair Dominator 4000MHz
Samsung 860 1TB SSD
Seasonic TX-850

The temperatures are very good, rarely do I see above 50c while playing. As you can see I'm playing on integrated GPU until my discreet one arrives. There were no issues with the setup until couple of days ago. Nothing has changed but now I am getting freezes in the game. The game freezes then unfreezes, I see bits of the past actions go by quickly. This does happen when getting closer to bigger fight or unfamiliar territory. I don't believe they are entirely random.

I suspected it has to do with the driver of Graphics Card. So I downloaded the generic(updated) DHC driver from intel website. It's gotten worse, much worse, I had to go back. Gigabyte has an older version(website) than on my DVD that came with the motherboard.

I've checked ram earlier with windows tool, now I'm going to do it with Memtest.

Played with disabled Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Doesn't help.

Bios is updated.

CPU doesn't go above 40% usage during the game. GPU however is close to 100%.

Roughly 9GB of ram being used during gaming, same every time.

I have a strong feeling it's something to do with Integrated GPU but it was fine before.

I'll check every part separately. I need help to figure out the best way to go about it.

How do I check PSU? How do I know it's working properly?

Is running memtest enough to make sure memory is ok?

Can I run memory below advertised speed? Currently running at 2133 instead of XMP(4000).

Another thing our internet is not good. Based on the description of the freezes do you think it's possible the internet is at fault here?

Please give me any ideas. I know I'm supposed to use search function and I have read a lot on this forum. But things change and maybe someone has gained a greater insight as to what this can be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If I do not come up with the solution I'll have to try to replace parts. I hope we can find solution before this build becomes costlier than it already is.

Thanks in advance. Eager to hear back from all of you.
Sep 28, 2020
I have the same problem, whenever i get closer to players or when players join me and they are nearby then the game freezes for a few seconds then comes back to normal
Ive done everything, the problem is not in cpu, gpu, ram or ssd, it has to be motherboard and how it communicates with the components, cpu does everything without issues, gpu same (they told me it was the problem but when a new one arrived the problem was there still so i guess i had a problem i was not aware of), ram same, ssd and hdd no difference (i had an hdd which died but when i connected the ssd there was no difference)