Question Brand New CX 55" (for PC use) no longer detecting G-Sync in NVIDIA Control Panel.

Jul 1, 2020
UPDATE: The Instant Game Response feature allowed me to select G-Sync again. However, certain games (4 Resident Evil titles) will not display properly at close to 4k resolution and Refresh rate in-game cannot be changed from 120hz. Discolored and half of surface is off-screen. Previously a non-issue with C8. Now I can't get these particular game titles to display in 4k/60 like I could on the C8.

Somebody PLEASE help? I'm concerned I have an issue with my brand new LG CX and I can only return it within 30 days if that's the case.

I've been playing Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 on my new PC that's been hooked up to my previous LG C8 for the past month. I was playing it in 4k (3840 res) under 60hz with ZERO complaints... using same HDMI cable.

Now that I have a CX, these games are unplayable at 4k/60hz, showing mishapen screen resolution and discoloring. I cannot take it off of 120hz refresh rate in-game. The titles only work at 1440p now. What am I doing wrong? PLEASE help due to this being a timely matter. Thank you!

Drivers and CX software are up-to-date.

Any ideas? I can't tell what the source of the issue is, but all I know, everything was working fine with my C8 for a month, only days ago. I only have 30 days to return if it's truly the TV.

Thank you!
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