Question Brand-new Dell U3219Q with relatively obvious yellow areas. Should I return/exchange?


May 19, 2020
I just got a U3219Q and it's great. However, I almost immediately noticed that there are some areas/vertical stripes with quite noticeable yellow tint at the middle and middle-left of the screen, as shown in the photo attached below.

I also tried to highlight the yellowish areas, though saving the edit on the photo seems to have made the colors a bit less obvious somehow. You may find the corresponding areas in the first image above.

The yellow seems to be particularly salient when I have a white background (e.g. when trying to read texts on most websites).

I understand that there could be color imbalances in all monitors, but those look a bit too much to me.

After enabling uniformity compensation, the situation got a bit better (shown below). But to me the screen is a bit too bright with this on and my eyes hurt after a while.

I'm not sure if this can be helped with tools such as "Display Color Calibration" on Windows. To me it looks like something inherent in the screen.

I wonder if what I'm experiencing within the normal range or if it is reasonable to hope for a better one if I exchange this one.

The calibration factory report is attached below. Apparently the red parts have relatively high delta.