Brand New GTX1060 not working

Nov 4, 2018
Hey everyone, I’m in a bit of a pickle.
About a month ago, while visiting my gf in Boston I passed by micro center, a reputable pc store there and decided to treat myself and bought an ASUS dual 1060 6gb.
Fast forward to today, I decided to put the new card in, rather straight forward I thought, old card (GTX SC 760) out, new one in.
Well not so simple it seems, after installing the card and connecting everything, I get no signal on my monitor (my monitor only has a vga, for the 760 I was using a dvi I to vga adapter but the 1060 only has a single dvi d port so I bought a dvi d to vga adapter too, still no signal, no signal through hdmi either on my tv), the computer still boots fine and makes all the right noises but the fans only spin for about 3 seconds after immediately turning the machine on and then they stop.
Now here’s the thing, I put the old card in and everything works fine.
Now my dilemma is: I have a very cheap (hkc 650w) psu
The 1060 led is red when unplugged and white when I connect the 6pin.
Now for the last few months I’ve noticed that even on the 760 when I would play some demanding games my pc would reboot on it’s own!
Could this hopefully be as simple as a new psu?
I’m hoping it’s not the card since I’m in another country now and the rma would be a real pita...
Could this be a power issue?

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