Brand New GTX2080 wont wake the screen, using Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard.

Nov 16, 2018
Hi all, I am new here and first time post here at Toms!

Its the first time I run into a problem I cant resolve on my own, so I am seeking help for a problem I run into when upgrading to one of the most powerful GPU cards on the marked right now. Its also the first time I ever ever run into this problem with a brand new GPU card.

I ordered a GTX 2080 and installed it... No screen signal what so ever.

My motherboard is a ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme with brand new RAM: 24GB 1600MHz RAM.
CPU Core i7 Extreme Edition 975. Water cooling on CPU and Motherboard.
Using Chieftec 1200W PSU. Using SSD Crusial 500GB.

I have many old GPU cards taking space in a box and all of them will give screen signal just as they should during boot.

The GTX 2080 card however will not light the screen no matter what is done.

Tried all sorts of HDMI cables and DP cables but noting.

Tried many different PSU.

Tried all 5 monitors I have.

Tried to put back the older 12GB RAM sett of 2GBx6.

Tried all PCI-E slots.

BIOS settings and load bios default but still no screen signal.

Tried about all I can with the equipment I have. Putting back any old graphics GTX 7xx - 9xx card and I get screen signal on ALL 20+ HDMI cables I have, including the only DP to HDMI cable I have!

The two GTX 2080 fans come on and my PC loaded windows without a screen signal. I am very sure windows was loading even I cant see anything, I can see the HDD indicator flashing the exact same way it does when windows loads..., and loaded finished into win10 but no screen signal from turning on to windows 10 loaded done.

Did send it back to the company who tested it and claims that it works fine. But still they sent me a new card that I haven't got yet. But will be in postbox 3-4 days from now. It sounds really fishy to claim it works, yet sending me a new card!

If its true that it works I will newer know as he sent a new one and I will soon see the new works or not. If the new does not work then my question are:

1. Does not ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme support Geforce GTX 2080 GPU?
2. Any need for custom BIOS settings to make this work? If so what to try?
3. Any otter I need to take care?
4. How do I measure the Graphics card to confirm its dead?
5. Why do not the BIOS post error beeps/messages if the Graphics card does not send signal to the monitor? Should not the system detect that there is an error with the graphics card?
6. Can it be so simple that I need a new monitor or specific HDMI and or DP to HDMI cable versions? I dont have monitor with DP so its DP to HDMI or HDMI to HDMI that is tried.
7. Any link to cables that will work without doubt?
8. Any known issues that monitors like Dell and ASUS (24" to 27") with HDMI cant be used to GTX 2080?
9. As it seems like windows was booting; would not that indicate that there has to be a screen signal even screen dont light up?

I tried all 4 Display ports and the one HDMI port on the card but nothing what so ever, yet windows was booting. I have tested 20+ HDMI cables and one DP to HDMI cable tried.

Thats my questions. The company who sold me the GTX2080 card are trying to let me think that its my motherboard that is the problem and are trying to sale me a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. Using the let me get their test of the GPU I sent back for free if I buy new motherboard, cpu and ram. They did demand a fee for testing if the GTX2080 card is ok and go around telling me I need buy new Motherboard, CPU and RAM and if I buy it to them he will give me the test for free. Sounds all fishy to me.

My 18 year old son are going to stream to Twitch asap so I am trying to get answers for what this problem can be and as I dont trust PC shops 100% I need to be prepared the day the new card come to what exactly to do if also this new 2080 card wont light up the display. Because if it does not light up the display, then for sure there is something else than a defect Graphics card that is the problem, and that is exactly why I need to learn now what can be the issue so I get my son to stream.

As its not likely that 2 new 2080 cards wont work and its not even highly likely to even get a brand new Geforce that it dead from NVIDIA. So I need some hints here, if the company speaks true that the card I sent back really works, then I really need some good advice on what the problem might be.

Found on the internet this and I am not sure if this might affect me as I didn't order a Titan card.

Thanks for all help in advance :)


May 29, 2018
Wow, those are some old parts!!! What OS are you running? NM I see Win10

It's probably that Chieftec PSU. Every thread I've seen on Tom's that had issues that power supply listed.

On a more serious note putting that GPU into that system is like putting a V8 into a 1998 Ford Fiesta.
Nov 16, 2018
Thank you for the answer... I have ordered a gold rated PSU:

You are probably right; a V8 needs lots of Juice.

I have also tested a non gold rated Corsair 750W PSU instead of the Shieftec PSU that is approx 9 years old. It didn't solve the problem but if ever its the PSU then the Corsair RM1000x 1000W PSU should without a doubt do the trick to solve this problem.

Oh, I was wrong about not being a Titan card, the company did put wrong info in the mobile postal service app showing its not a Titan; on further inspection its a, so I got a new card and more expensive one than I ordered in the first place without pay extra :) I cant wait to test this beast... Just coming Tuesday or so and I will have it...

Again thank you for the advice.