Brand New Headset mic not working


Feb 26, 2014
Hi I am just wondering if anyone knows how to handle my issue with my mic. Story goes;

- Bought new hyperX cloud II headset, its plug and play. I uninstalled my previous one before installation.
- Playback device is set to default and I can hear beautifully
- Recording device is set to default and its recognized. It shows my headset mic. I attempted to configure it by reciting "Peter prefers his pen blah blah blah..." and it appears to work since I am noticing the Bar Scale move as my voice speaks into the mic. However as I am reading the scale tapers off and then the box just closes. I check the properties of the mic, and look to the level settings. It shows 0.0db and the slider is unable to be adjusted???? Not sure why this is occuring.

Could this be a driver issue? All drivers say working properly.

One issue I did have is I was using a Meteor Mic (Samson) and then all of a sudden it stopped working. I plugged it in and it says device not recognized and I can't seem to find a driver to uninstall of it. Any thoughts on that?

My operating system is Windows 8.1. Look forward to hearing some thoughts. Thanks