Question Brand New Laptop and Bloatware


Apr 25, 2015

I just bought a new HP Envy laptop. I'm thinking of doing a clean install of windows 10 to remove all the bloatware and stuff running in the background.

Is this advisable?... or shall manually I uninstall the unnecessary programs?


If this is fresh out of the box, I'd suggest that you go through all the apps that are installed on your laptop. Uninstall the ones that are not needed by the OS or your laptops peripherals and leave ti be. If you have content on it already(personal files), I'd advise on backing them up regardless of what you choose to, in case the OS goes belly up.

If you want to reinstall your OS, make sure you use Windows Media Creation Tools and create your bootable installer prior to installing on your laptop.


I've done the 'full wipe and reinstall' thing on new laptops.
It feels like a completely different machine.

But try it the other way first. Delete/disable whatever bloatware was preinstalled. See if that works.
If this is flesh out of the box, I suggest DON'T DO ANYTHING, until you are sure everything work as they should, weeks, past return period? Otherwise if something goes wrong, u will be wondering, did it come bad, or did I do something?

Math Geek

keep in mind another option in the middle of the "delete one at a time" and "blow it all away with a fresh install" is to reset win 10. that will remove everything that does not come with win 10. which is to say all the HP bloatware. this will leave the win 10 bloatware as is. that you'll have to work with one at a time anyway.

do keep an eye though as once in a blue moon, there may be something from hp that is actually useful. so either see if you can get the installer for that one app and reset win 10 or you'll have to go one by one so you can leave the one thing worth having. note that this is rare but occasionally there might be one thing HP added that is useful to you.

my personal choice in the past has been a fresh install everytime, but win 10 is so full of bloat that it's almost useless to do now since you still have all that junk left behind even with a fresh install.