Question Brand New Laptop Faulty

May 16, 2019
Hi there!

Picked up a brand new Chuwi Lapbook SE 7 days ago and instantly ran into some problems I hope you guys can help me out. It has not been working properly since day 1.

Now here's the problem,

When I first turned it on everything went good. Was setting up Windows 10, username, wifi, microsoft account etc.
Suddenly I heard a little "click" and it turned off. Tried to start it again but it didn't react.
Left it for some minutes and I tried again, it turned on. Gave it a new try, setting up Windows etc, and it died again.

What I've been testing so far:

Drain the battery
Disconnect the battery
Apply new thermal paste
Connect a HDMI cable to an external display
Remove the keyboard ribbon cable as soon as I started the laptop (to check for a faulty power button)
Remove the screen cable
Ran memory and HD test, nothing wrong
Checking the battery/AC with an multimeter (no defect battery or charger)

It looks like the longer I wait before turning it on, the longer it can stay on - like it's charging the internals itself, weird huh?
So I decided to left it off for 24 hours, and guess what - it stayed on long enough for me to finish the windows cofiguration - but then again, it died.
Left it off for about 4 hours - stayed on for about 10 minutes, was able to update the graphic drivers, didn't help.

When it shuts down, the backlit keyboard can still be switched on/off and it does charge my phone from USB.
I also changed the power settings within Windows, made no difference.

So, I contacted the seller and the Chuwi support by email. They do not answer althought the laptop came with 12 months warranty.

If anyone knows what's going on, or what I can try next - please do tell!
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Thanks alot for taking your time to read.

ps, excuse my English :)

Chuwi LapBook SE
Processor: Intel Celeron N4100
Graphics adapter: Intel UHD Graphics 600, Shared Memory, 6286
Memory: 4096 MB LPDDR4 dual-channel
Display: 13.3 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel 166 PPI glossy
Mainboard: Gemini Lake
Storage: SanDisk DF4032, 32 GB + FORESEE 128 GB m.2 SSD
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Well, I bought it cause of the design - nothing else :)

I've sent 3 mails, still no respons
Contact the place you bought it from, try them instead of the laptop vendor. This is actually a big step that separates cheap generic stuff from the bigger computer makers, customer support. You buy something cheap from a random China store or vendor and you are pretty much left on your own with fixing it. Cheap parts and construction equal cheap cost, but also equals low quality and many issues. They basically just churn out the hardware and toss it out the door and move on to next model, ignoring anything already out there.