Question Brand New LG Blu-ray Drive Makes Strange Sound Upon Boot


Dec 18, 2016
So, I know this is a pretty old-school and outdated thing to put in a brand new build, but I got a case that has space for an optical drive so I decided to put one in there. Now, it's been quite a while since I've actually had a PC with an optical drive, and I know they tend to make a bit of noise...but I don't remember encountering this specific sound before.

It's a brand new LG Blu-Ray/DVD/CD burner, and it works perfectly with any disc I throw at it. I've burned things, watched movies, and listened to some of my old audio CDs. It makes all of your standard disc drive sounds in operation...but for some reason while the PC is booting or coming out of sleep mode it makes a rather uncharacteristic grind/vibration sound. The blue light on the front of the drive blinks for a second, it makes the noise, and then the light turns off. It also does it again after POST while Windows is initializing. After this, the PC boots up and all is normal. The sound doesn't occur at all once the PC actually boots up and is into Windows.

Does anyone have any clue what this could be, or if it has any negative effect on the drive? I unfortunately have no option to return it and don't want to rip my new build apart and take it out to do so.