Brand New LG L246WHX-BN - Suspected problem!


Nov 28, 2008
I own an LG L246WHX-BN. It was purchased few weeks ago. I use the LCD monitor to play my Wii. There was once when I was playing Wii and someone came to use the hair dryer (1000W) that shares the same socket extension as the monitor. Moments later, the screen turned black. I could still access the monitor's menu to change signal (to HDMI or VGA). On top of that, if Wii was not feeding it with video signal, I was supposed to get a "No component signal" message from the monitor but I didn't. Now, it the monitor would turn black once in a while. In order to resolve this, I had to switch to HDMI channel and back to component to be able to view image again. When black-out occurs, the monitor's power indicator stays blue, meaning that it still stays on.

Could this be a backlight problem? Or could this be the cable's fault?

Unfortunately, I cannot test the VGA or HDMI signals because I do not own a PC (sad).