Question Brand New MSI RX 570 Crashing My PC

Jul 3, 2020
Hi, I just purchased an RX 570 (MSI Armor OC Edition). I just installed it into my PC and just about 15 minutes into a game, it crashes my entire PC.

Here are my specs:

  • i5 4670k
  • 8GB RAM
  • 550W EVGA 550 GS PSU
  • 480GB SSD
I've done a FurMark test for 30 mins with the GPU removed on integrated graphics. 34 mins of testing (14280 frames) and no issues so far.
I am about to do a FurMark test soon in a few mins after putting the GPU back into the PCIe slot.
At first I was getting an error 1603 on Windows 10 (2004) when installing AMD Adrenalin so I switched to Windows 10 (1909) and it installed but now I am experiencing a crash every 15 mins.

Is this possibly a PSU issue (I'm thinking it isn't)? If so, is it likely that the GPU is faulty? Could this also be the case that the default clock speed (OC or higher clock speed) is causing it to crash?
Jun 24, 2020
I also own a RX 580. It takes some tweeks to run a RX 580 properly.

I am suggesting you some things to try. Try them one by one. You can also try combinations to get stability.
  1. Try enabling radion chill in global graphics. Set the min FPS to 40 and Max to 55-60. Try playing the game.
  2. In tuning section set the Power limit to +50%. Try playing now.
  3. Try decreasing the frequency of core clocks to -10% in tuning.
  4. Set memory clock to 2050Mhz in tuning.
Now point 1 and 2 are must in every scenario. As for rest you can find best stability settings.

Also please tell me whats your power consumption watt of GPU. Enable matrics to check that. Tell me in game and idle power consumption of GPU.
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