Brand New PC Turns On, But Not Off. Fans Also Run At Full Speed

Nov 14, 2018
So I've recently built a new gaming build, but now I'm at a standstill. I built it about three days ago without any issues. The only part I didn't use was the CPU cooler, but that's because I was waiting for an adapter. Like I said, there weren't any issues. It ran perfectly fine. Today I had replaced the stock CPU cooler, and again, everything was fine. The only issue is that I didn't have enough thermal paste and it wasn't spreading out. So, I added some more paste. That's when things went wrong. When everything was put back together, it never displayed anything. I also noticed that I couldn't turn it off nor did the reset switch work, after hitting the reset switch the CPU debug light came on followed by the RAM light, and the fans were running at full speed,

I've tried everything when it comes to the PSU or RAM. The motherboard didn't short circuit. All the CPU pins are fine. There isn't any thermal paste on the motherboard. Everything is wired correctly. I have no idea what it is. I've searched forum after forum but still nothing. ANY help is greatly appreciated!