Question Brand new Ryzen PC Bluescreen (System Service Exception)


Jun 30, 2014

I've recently built a monster of a PC consisting of:

Ryzen 2700x Cooled by h150i Pro
Asus Crosshair VII Wifi
Asus RTX 2080
32 GB Corsair RGB Pro 3200mhz CL16 (2x 16 GB kits)
RM 1000x using white cable extensions

2x 2TB HDD's Raid 0
1x 500gb 970 M.2
1x 500gb 860 Sata

The rest i doubt is relevant.

My problem is i've had random bluescreens since yesterday, i immediately suspected it was the ram, which is running at it's XMP profile (D.O.C.P). I went ahead and ran memtest86 all night, it completed after 7 hours with 0 errors.

The bluescreen message is: System Service Exception

It doesn't create a crash log, as according to event viewer it fails to launch.

I've heard of RTX cards dying after a couple months, could my 2080 be giving up?

The crashing happens when watching YouTube or web browsing, haven't had a crash whilst gaming yet.

The CPU, SOC voltage, and everything else, is at stock, ram is at D.O.C.P profile of 3200mhz 3.5v

The entire system is still under warranty.
What could be going on?