Breaking: Intel Computex Keynote Coverage

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May 2, 2011
I'm sure 5G wireless technology, Optane M.2 SSDs, and AI laptops will have a profound effect on the future, but I really just wanted to hear about Cannon Lake updates and new CPU announcements.

Dad Comes Home with Hungry Howie's (pizza restaurant) Analogy:

Dad: "Hey gang. I'm back from Hungry Howies with dinner!"
Me: "I can't wait to dig in. I'm starving. What did you get?"
Dad: "Just wait until you see what I have in store for YOU! First, the salad. It comes with romaine lettuce, little tomatoes, ham, salami, cheese, and black olives."
Me: "That will be good! What else?"
Dad: "Not so fast! We asked for no onions and Hungry Howies delivered. There are no onions on this salad. Also, there are TWO different varieties of dressing to meet all of your flavor needs."
Me: "Okay, cool dad. What else did you get?"
Dad: "Well I'm glad you asked. Introducing: Howie Bread! That's right, this is Hungry Howie's award winning bread coating in their proprietary Herb Mixture™."
Me: "Boring! What else did you get?"
Dad: "Next is the main event! The show stopper!"
Me: "Is it CANNON LAKE? I mean the pizza?"
Dad: "Actually, no. It's the dipping sauce. Butter garlic cheese to be exact. You can now dip your Howie Bread or salad (if you're a weirdo) into a delicious packet of butter garlic cheese dipping sauce to enhance the flavor to unheard of levels!"
Me: "Gosh darn it Intel! I don't care about any of that stuff!"

See? That's how it is for me.


Aug 28, 2010
Intel is discussing its power improvements to laptops, which is partially enabled by lower-power panel technology.
i.e. something Intel has little to do with.

the company is working with Intel to make the PC experience more like a cellphone.
No. Stop that. Microsoft already tried that with Windows 8, and look where that got them.

And here's the part of my comment where I complain about Tomshardware site problems.
The UK version of this article stops midsentence, before even the first update to the US version.
It is impossible to log in with third party cookies disabled, unless an exception is added for auth0, which I had to Google, because the error message says nothing helpful.
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