Question Breaking Power Supply - Or Something Else?


Mar 4, 2015
I have a Dell T7820 that recently stopped working. It won't boot at all and the flashing LED on the power button indicates:

Riser board issue
Power issue on Riser second CPU board

According to the manual. The thing is - I'm not sure where to go from here. The cable connecting the power supply to the riser works and I've swapped which 'port' the cables are plugged into and they all seem to work fine when the Riser is removed. But when the Riser is attached the PC fails to boot. When I boot, everything seems fine (I'm just missing 1 CPU and a bunch of RAM).

Is it possible that the Power Supply is going bad in such a way that lets it work fine when the CPU/RAM/Riser are pulled out, but fails when it's all in? Testing a new power supply is a lot easier than testing a new riser - so I'm trying to determine if ordering a new Power Supply to see if that helps is a worthwhile step? I've only ever had one PSU fail and it just failed 100% and stopped working at all.