[SOLVED] Bricked Bitlocked Dell Venue 11 how do I fix it?


Nov 28, 2017
So my father may have effectively bricked a dell venue 11 he got off of ebay. He was trying to get around the Bitlocker and he believed the solution was to delete the hard drive. Needless to say that was a terrible Idea, it can no longer do system restore nor can it even factory reset, I cannot look up the bitlocker recovery code anymore, the drive displays as x:, AND he forgot the password he set to it. (I cannot change the boot settings).

So how do I hook this up to another PC and flash windows 10 onto it?


Retired Mod
You can't install Windows on a different PC and then move the drive to this one. It doesn't work that way. Windows needs to be installed ON the machine it is going to be used for, otherwise it just results in problematic installations more often than not.

We cannot help you circumvent security or encrypted protocols, however, I can tell you how to go about standard baseline protocols.

First, if you are able, and willing, to disassemble the unit, you can disconnect the CMOS battery for five minutes, then reinstall it, and that should fully reset the BIOS.

Then, once that is done, and you have BIOS access again and can set the boot priority to go straight to the USB drive with your Windows installation media on it FIRST, you can install Windows as follows.