Question Bridge mode with Technicolor TG588v Gateway with Netgear R7000

Apr 13, 2021
Hey, my ISP gave me a Technicolor TG588v Gateway which is a modem and router. I have a Netgear R7000 which I want to use as a router instead. My ISP is Carrytel. So do I need to put both of them in bridged mode or only one of them? The ISP has a tutorial on how to setup the gateway in bridged mode so do I just follow that? I don't think I have fiber connection and have cable. Any help is appreciated.
So what feature in the netgear do want to use.

If it is just poor wifi coverage and you want to use the netgear wifi instead you want to run the netgear in bridge (ie AP) mode. You leave the technicolor run as it currently does. You can turn off the wifi radios.

This is pretty simple.

Now if you actually want to run the netgear as a router for some feature you can do it but it is messy when you have a DSL connection. You would put the technicolor in bridge mode. The messy thing is that your main router must now run the wan port in PPPoE mode in mode cases. You need to check your ISP web site for any guides and if they have any restrictions. Some dsl connections use a userid and password.

It might be easier to run both devices as again depends on why you need the new router.