Question Bridging wan to ssid, how it works

Nov 27, 2021
I have searched the net but not getting any results. I have looked into many user manuals of ont routers but still no luck.
I know how bridge mode in ont router (A device which is integrated ont + router) works and how you need to bind it to a LAN port so that it passes the control to WAN port of connected router from the bound LAN port.

But ont routers also have port binding on SSID. How does that work? Does anyone have any idea?
e.g. see this image from a ont user manual. There are options to bind port on SSIDs.
So if I bind bridge mode on SSID how to use it further? This is not repeater or access point setup as such. Thanks

That would be a very strange way to do a bridge.

If you were doing this with a more common router it would bridge the wan port to all the lan ports as well as the SSID. It in effect makes the device into a AP.

In this case it only allows 1 port or can you click them all.

The only way I could see that work is if you had a single wifi device that you wanted to connect and wanted it to get the public IP from the ISP. I guess there might be someone who needs it to run that way.
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