Brightness dropping on monitors?


Mar 16, 2011
The CIO of our company (my bosses boss) has four Dell 23" monitors hooked up to his work computer. Recently he has been complaining that the left 2 monitors each reset to a brightness of 0 about once a day but not at the same time.

This changes on the monitor itself and you actually have to go into the Menu on the monitor to turn the brightness back up. I immediately said it sounded like a hardware issue with the monitors themselves as I have never heard of that being changed from the computer, only the monitor itself. However, my boss (the IT director) believes it to be a computer setting or issue that is causing this.

Can anyone clarify whether or not it is possible for the brightness on the monitors built in menu to be reset to 0 due to a setting or issue on the computer it is attached to? If so do you have any suggestions on what needs to be done to resolve it?

I factory reset both monitors this morning to see if that helped and the brightness has not dropped yet but it is too soon to say for sure if this fixed it.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!