Question Broken capacitor


Aug 26, 2020
Hi, I bend a capacitor while building my PC a while ago. It worked fine for a couple of months but then it randomly shut down and gets stuck in a boot cycle where windows keeps trying to repair it and fails. I managed to get it to go to a previous restore point. That worked at first but then again same thing happened after gaming for a few hours. I pulled the gpu and saw that the capacitor was not in good shape. I poked it and the cap fell right off. Since the capacitor is right next to the pci express slot I assume it's for that slot. Would it be ok to move the gpu to the lower slot and just cut the capacitor so it doesn't short assuming that was the issue? Also I've tried a different hard drive and tried different ram with same results. Any help would be great not to knowledgeable on capacitors. The motherboard is an Asus tuf gaming b550.

Deleted member 362816

At this point might as well try it since you can't RMA for physical damage. If the cap was by the slot I would assume it was for that slot.