Question Broken CPU or Other problem

Jun 8, 2019
Well here i am after months of dealing with this problem, hoping that it would sort it self out, i have come to the internet to solve my problem in my stead
I have a i5 3470 @3.2ghz with a stock cooler, a Gainwald Geforce GTX 970 GPU, MSI H61MA-E35 motherboard, 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz of ram, 650 Watt PSU. mini DP to HDMI adapter for monitor.
i have had this cpu and motherboard for many years, with the ram being quite new and the GPU only a couple years old, i have been able to play games quite nicely for years without problems.

But within the last few months i can no longer do such things, my once ability to play age of mythology without lag has become filled with crippling lag and staring at the screen with a longing look on my face.
this has continued to nearly every game i could once play without problem, games like hearts of iron 4, Star wars republic commando, RPG Maker VX Ace/RTP and Games which use it, Total war Rome 2, Shogun 2, Warhammer etc
These problems has turned my gaming PC into nothing but a standard Work pc (can still run Office, For now)
So i have decided to upgrade but i am still heavily curious on what caused the problems in the first place, whats happening is my computer is either crashing, freezing, blue screening and monitor losing connection which cant be fixed until system restart, i have ruled out anything caused by virus or malware and i have Ruled out the OS itself (did a whole windows 10 new install to find out)
My experience has made me believe that the problems is the Age of my CPU but also a lack of Effective Cooling with a probability of it being my GPU, this is supported by the fact that my CPU while idling on the BIOS is running at 56 degrees (which looking back at past PC logs is quite normal) but i caught my PC CPU load when it had frozen at a combined total of 130% with 1 core at 47% and another at 43% load, 1 core at 23% load and final one at 20% load while all cores running at 60 degrees Temp.

These problems have caused other problems such as, System interrupts which should be at around 3% jumps up to around 20-50% which takes Hours for it to go back to normal levels. This happens ever time i do a general startup and Restart from crash
Another problems is my antivirus Trend micro which i have been using for years has suddenly started taking up more CPU usage going from what i believe to be 5-10% when in use (manual scan) to 20-30% in background (program not even open nor in use)
This combined total of problems have caused anything other then general web page browsing, YouTube watching etc to be in a gaming sense impossible to accomplished.
So even tho i am upgrading to a whole new PC but am taking my Current GPU with me Cause Small Budget cant afford a good GPU, i am curious to see what the actually problem is, if U the Random People on the Internet who has thousands of years in combined experience and knowledge do know or could figure out quicker then i could.


Mar 27, 2011
If you're getting blue screens, it should show a message or QR code to pint out possible faults. Could also download a blue screen viewer tool like bluescreenview, to check out the faults later.

Try a different av like avast free or bitdefender free temporarily.

If your ram is newer, could be a ram issue, download and install memtest86 to a usb drive and have your system boot from that usb and run the memory test, if there are any errors(more then 0), that's a problem.

60 degrees at less than 50% load is a little concerning(you don't combine the different load values) , makes me wonder what it's at at full load.