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Question Broken desktop PC with multiple bsod and freezes and a loud bang

Jul 11, 2020
Hi, im new around here, so 2 days ago i was on my desktop and all of a sudden i hear a loud bang from inside of it followed by a bsod it was a driver problem(i dont remember which one cuz at the time i was abit confused about what happened and didnt pay attention sadly) the desktop booted back up without a problem but thats when the problems began.

After that i ran a UserBenchmark test and it ran without a problem everything seemed fine.
I got another bsod with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE later on.

Yesterday i decided to do a few more UserBenchmark tests, the first one ran ok, the second one made my pc freeze a few seconds in, no mouse movement, nothing, i waited for awhile before pressing the restart button on my case there was no blinking lights so im assuming my ssd stoped working.

After that it kept happening, random freezes, until it finally went into another bsod where it immediately froze there with KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, my restart button didnt work so i had to force shut it down, i tried to restart but he wouldnt even boot up, just would show the Asus logo followed by a black screen, once again no blinking lights under the power button.

I opened my pc and carefully checked everywhere for burned parts from that large bang but everything seemed fine, cpu was fine, gpu seemed fine, so i dont know at this point....

Im not a pc expert and need help figuring what happened,since there where no lights under the power butto do you reckon it was the ssd, or maybe something else?

I also cant check any logs or anything cuz as mentioned above he doesnt boot up anymore sadly.
I would kindly appreciate any help, im so lost i dont know what to do.

If it helps my specs are:
OS:windows 8.1
GPU: Asus Strix 1070
CPU: Intel core i7 6700k lga1151
Motherboard: Asus z170 pro gaming aura
Ram: 18GB hyperx ddr4
SSD: samsung 850 evo 250 GB
PSU: Corsair RM 750x 750 watt
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