Broken fan blades (6950)


Oct 16, 2013
Hello guys, a while ago i broke my gpus fan blade. The gpu is a sapphire radeon HD6950 2GB dirt 3 edition.

It makes a loud noise and vibrates pretty bad when temps go up.
Any one know how to fix this? I lost the fan blade so i have no chance of patching it up, and i cant find the specifications of the default fan to find a replacement for it. I also tried looking up fans for the gpu and there aren't really any.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!
If this is the card: you've a few options.
There's the old and tested way out: Cable tie a suitably sized case fan over the defective one and plug the fan into a spare motherboard header so you can control its speed through the BIOS. Just cut off the remaining blades to stop the vibration.
Find a similar card on Ebay, there's usually a few non working ones around, and scavenge its cooler.
Replace the cooler: Most aftermarket coolers are limited to the reference PCB design: compatibility with non reference designs is not perfect and in some cases swapping coolers isn't possible without some further mods.
Strip out the current cooler and examine the fans, Ebay may have a suitable replacement.
If only one blade is absent, you may be able to cut off the blade opposite to it, restoring the balance.
Try contacting Sapphire support, it's a long shot with such an old card, but they may be able to help.