Broken Headphone Jack


Jan 20, 2012

My headphone jack is broken, which is not a problem because I don't use it. The only issue is that my computer is registering the jack as "in use" permanently, therefore disabling my external speakers. Is there any way to disable my headphone jack altogether in order to regain my external sound? Acer Extensa 4420 Windows Vista.

It is not software controlled:

Many a typical headphone jack setup includes internal switched contacts that feed the speakers. Inserting a headphone plug into the jack moves the contacts apart and automatically disconnects the speakers. An overly aggressive attempt to remove pieces of a broken plug in the jack could bend the contacts so that the speakers never connect.

Might Open case and disconnect jack from MOBO or carefully push another headphone into the jack, to force the piece inside; though this probably isn't the SMARTEST idea XD Don't let it lay in there !