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Question Broken laptop screen won’t show on monitor


May 25, 2018
I have a dell laptop that I purchased a few years ago. I managed to completely break the screen, resulting in it showing a cracked black and flickering white screen when it is on. After I broke it, I tried hooking it up to a monitor. It seemed to work perfectly, and I continued to use it like that for a while. Recently, however, I updated my laptop. After it turning off, it turned back on, but didn’t show anything on the monitor. Now, I can’t get it to connect to the monitor. I have let it sit overnight with no results. I have tried shutting it right after turning it on as to default it to using the monitor, but it just shut off. I have pressed F8 (the “change display” key) many times to no avail. Any suggestions? I want to see if I can find in case I don’t need to have it repaired. Thanks.


Dell laptop: system specs? OS, make and model monitor?

Will the laptop boot into Safe Mode?

Does the monitor work with another laptop or computer?

Have you tried another known working video cable?

Have you tried another known working monitor?

What was that update on the laptop: OS, an app, a driver....?

Barring some physical hardware failure, my thought is that the update likely changed some driver or configuration setting.

However; being an older laptop, plus being severely damaged once already, it would not surprise me that the laptop may have failed in some other manner.