Question Broken? motherboards

Mar 15, 2020
Hi, I'm trying to upgrade a system I have lying around, and I can't seem to get a board I purchased online to work. I kind of have a jumble of parts right now, but the PSU is a Dell N255PD-00 [255W max], but I also tried with a NPS-420AB A [420W max] and I have 2 Dell e145483 ms0520 motherboards that seem to have the same issue. I assume it's something I'm using that simply isn't compatible, so I thought maybe the CPU's type was the issue, as I recently learned that CPU chipsets weren't compatible with some motherboard chipsets, even if they fit in the socket. I checked, and someone seems to claim to have this board working with my same model. [Core i3-2120, planning to get an i5 at least if I get this working] When I boot the system, I get a solid amber light, and no beeps. the CPU and GPU are generating heat, PSU fan is on. if I remove the ram, I get one beep, then two, then 3. I have tried 2 different sticks of ram, from different brands, one was HDDR3 and the other was some Adata ram [intended for a laptop, but I have an adapter for it. works in one of my other PCs as the standalone ram.] I have tested both motherboards with the same results, and I have the same result. not even a POST...
idk if this matters, but I don't have a dedicated GPU for the system, just the integrated graphics. I do have some old BFG overclockeds lying around if that helps, but I need a string of adapters to use them.
TL;DR 2 Motherboards with the same issue, won't POST. Please help!