Broken power button

Mister Fox

Jun 2, 2012
I built a new computer over the summer (with lots of help from Toms Hardware, thanks guys!), and I've run into a problem.

I recently installed a new heatsink for my CPU with the help of a friend. During the process, we seem to have broken the wires
that connect the power button on the case to the motherboard. I van turn the computer on by touching the prongs on the motherboard
with a screwdriver, but this is kinda dangerous. I'd like to repair it to use the normal power button or, if need be, wire up a new one.

Where do I start? I've already contacted the company that built my case to ask if I could buy a replacement button. Is this a simple
problem of getting a new wire?
Bumps are illegal in the forums.

Getting a new wire is not exactly easy. I would just recommend using the screwdriver technique for a little while ant not turning off the computer often.

Also, if your computer has a reset button, you can wire that up to do the same.

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