Broken processor


Jul 6, 2003
I have a broken processor claimed by my mobo distributor. I send my mobo and processor to the mobo distributor caused I claim if the mobo have an error and its have a 60 month guarantee. So I hope only the motherboard has error. But unfortunately, my mobo is still fing but my processor broken. I dont know why my processor become failed. Before that I have to rearrange the devices on my CPU to teaching my friend about arranging component in CPU. After finished, I try to connect all power cable and turning on. My computer goes on. Suddenly before the bios ringing, my computer quickly turning off. Since that, my computer was ever on. I claim if I have good rearranging the component. Or May be I displaced the heatsink, or any other? I have no stabilizer to take my computer safer.
1. What the problem of processor?
2. Can the processor be repaired?
3. Can my processor to be sale? May be the AMD factory buy it (or anyother)!
4. If I buying second-hand processor, what is the risk?
My processor was broken is AMD Athlon XP 1800+. The guarantee is over. And I now want to buy the Athlon XP again depending on my money, can buy a second-hand or allnew.

Please help me. I am only K12 Student. And have no money. I only working in a part-time. Plz help. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.
Sorry about misspell in English. I'm Indonesian.

Thank you in advance,
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Nov 20, 2001
sorry to hear that dood.

what kind of CPU is it? how old is it? is there still a warranty on it?

1. depends on how you answer my questions above.
2. a dead cpu can NOT be fixed, however, if a pin is bent, it may be.
3. you can't sell a dead cpu. no body would buy it. the only chance you have is if there is still a warranty on the CPU.
4. buying a used CPU isn't a bad idea as long as you can confirm its working before you pay for it.

its obvious you aren't an american and aren't in a situation where you can go out and buy another CPU... i depending on what cpu you need and where you live, i might be able to help you out. for now, give us a little more info like make and model. what ever you can.

</font color=red><b><font color=orange>my sys:
mobo: Abit AN7 @ 442 FSB
CPU: AXPm 2600+ @ 4100+
ram: corsair xms @ 1:1 running 2.5-3-3-6
HDD: two raptors on raid 0
vid: 9800pro @ 467mhz GPU and 417mhz ram