Question broken PSU???

Mar 31, 2020

Around a month ago, my rx580 broke, and 1-2weeks ago my gtx770 broke as well.

Ive had my 580 for about 3-4 months, I bought it in marketplace sealed, was told it's brandnew. It worked fine on my old pc before but then I built a new one. It worked for 2 months then lost display, I was browsing the net when it suddenly disappeared.

Since my 580 broke, I had no choice but to use my old GPU (770) that was inside a box. I've been using it until like last time it stopped working.

I planned in getting a 5700xt until the news about the 3070 came out. I now plan on getting either a 3070 or 3080 but I fear that my pc might break it again.

What could be breaking my gpus? Is it the motherboard or the PSU?

TLDR; 2 GPU broke on same pc, plans on getting a 3070/80 but is afraid of doing so because it might break too, could it be a coincidence or is there something happening in my pc?? Could it be the PSU/MOBO?

ryzen5 3600
b450 tomahawk max
ballistix 3600 2x8gb
cooler master 650 full modular
Hi quagm1re.

Seems like your GPU's just died and the cause was not your system. That 580 "brandnew" was probably not brand new and it just died. That 770 just died. It happens.

If you want to be sure that RTX 3070 or 3080 works ok just by a new PSU with it. Like a Seasonic or Corsair gold 650 watts for the 3070 or 750 for the 3080. I can't tell if you already have a good PSU. What is the model of that cooler master?