Question Broken Surface Pro 5

Jan 8, 2021
I bought a used Surface Pro 5 early last year that worked great until July when it stopped taking a charge and it wouldn't turn on unless plugged in. When it was plugged in the CPU was throttled and the battery wouldn't charge. By November, the charging cable light would only sometimes come on when it was plugged in which meant the tablet would rarely turn on. This seemed to be the result of a bad battery, so I opened the tablet up and put a new battery in. I damaged the connector on the motherboard for the power and volume buttons but everything else went smoothly. I can't turn it on but I'd expect the tablet to at least take a charge. The charging light still doesn't come on when plugged in though. Two questions: 1. How difficult/expensive would it be to get the connecter repaired on the motherboard? 2. Assuming that the broken connecter wouldn't prevent the unit from charging, any thoughts on what else could be the issue?