Question Browser Tabs Crashing on Windows 10

Sep 24, 2019
Hello! I am new, I signed up to ask this question. I've been on google and youtube for hours looking for solutions, and none have helped, so thanks in advance for your help and advice. Really stressed out about this right now, so please bear with me...

I've tried switching to multiple different browsers, deleting all extensions, signing out of chrome profiles, reinstalling, enabling -no-sandbox mode, etc. Nothing has worked. The tested browsers include: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Certain tabs/webpages crash in all of them.
Edit: Should mention here that Internet Explorer hasn't crashed for me at all yet, but I haven't used it for long.

Chrome and Firefox give similar errors -- Chrome will give me the "Aw, Snap!" error and vaguely say that "Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.". Firefox will give me the "Gah. Your tab just crashed.". Microsoft Edge will freeze for about a second and then just refuse to go to the site that crashes.

The tabs crash for me most of the time when I try to enter certain webpages. They'll usually crash right after I load a webpage. This has been happening while loading different pages for a while now. Just for instance, I was browsing google images earlier and wanted to visit the page that the image was from (it was a tumblr link). The page loaded for about half a second, and then crashed. Even this website crashed when I tried to visit it while using Google Chrome to look for solutions. I am now using Internet Explorer, which hasn't crashed for me so far, though I haven't been using it for very long.

I should note that it's usually the same pages that crash. For example, YouTube works. It hasn't crashed for me at all. However, certain webpages will crash every single time I try to load them. Just for reference, the link to the specific page that crashed on this forum is here: (topic of linked thread has nothing to do with my issue.)

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong category/section, please redirect me if that is the case. Feel free to ask for any more details on the situation that I may have left out as well. Again, thank you all for the help, I appreciate any responses.
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