Question Browsers Won't Open - Virus Suspected


Jan 15, 2017
For some reason when I open chrome, it opens into a "new tab" but it won't let me alt tab into it or click from the taskbar to open it, I have tried uninstalling chrome and using Microsoft Edge's new chromium browser, it was working perfect for a good two or so days, but now it's doing the same thing as chrome. I don't know if I even downloaded anything virus worthy in the past but I looked through "add or remove programs" on windows and didn't see anything suspicious, I ran a windows scan and it didn't find anything, neither did a "SUPERAntiSpyware" scan find anything.

If there's anything that I could do to get this resolved it would be great! I have school work to do next week and I'm not looking forward to using my iPad for it lmao.

Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb Windforce OC
i7 4790
Corsair H55 water cooler
2x8 1600 MHz ddr3 ram
500gb 860 EVO
1tb HDD
3tb HDD
500gb HDD
I've seen Avast completely block internet access before....; it completely stopped Chrome from even launching at all, with no error messages whatsoever.

Hard to tell what might be blocking access...;try updating/relaunching, scanning whatever the main AV currently is

Back up your needed files to an external drive.

If your OS is on an SSD, and you have a USB flash drive Win10 installer, a full fresh installation can be done in 5 minutes on most systems. (alas, you will have to reinstall chipset and GPU driver packages, and, your applications) (Disconnect other extra drives except for the desired OS SSD at time of install, lest they accidentally become part of the install and then forever needed later just to boot)
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