Ok, im getting this BSOD (er well ive gotten it once) the odd thing is normally a updating the driver fixes it... however it keeps coming back normally at the begining of the month, however i dont usually put things on my pc since ive got most of the games i want already installed -.-

another odd little bit is i installed a new HDD (haven't installed windows on it yet though =/) so i had to put the extra HDD cage in my pc... but then after about an hr or 2 of gaming the fans ramp up (the cpu fan gets to 7k rpm wth) even though the temps are exactly the same as they were before i put the hard drive cage in... i checked em using HWmonitor and furmark @ extreme burn in test then i ran prime 95 and its the same temp also as before...

max temps were:

CPU: 60-62c max
GPU: 70c max

here are my system specs:

Mobo: Asrock A780LM-S
CPU: Athlon 2 x3 445 (stock clocks + not unlocked)
GPU: 5670 512mb
Case: Haf912
PSU: Antec 500D green 500w

if you need anymore info please tell me :) is there a way to stress drivers or atleast make certain where the BSOD is originating from (ive had this system for about a year now, it usually runs good :))

Edit: also i get some random stuttering the longer i run AVA, this never happened before they updated the game :(
BSOD are normally caused by memory errors or driver errors. Having a BSOD so infrequently makes it very hard to track down. The first thing to do is to run a memory test program such as memtest86 overnight. Also you can try disabling drivers to see if it is a driver that is causing the problem in this case take a close look at the audio driver.
the audio driver? thats a bit odd :) but yeah sure... also what makes you think its the audio driver :)

Edit: also i opened the crash report with "bluescreen View" and nothing was highlighted as being a problem... ill try reinstalling the audio drivers in a sec :)
the audio driver? thats a bit odd :) but yeah sure... also what makes you think its the audio driver :)

I looked around the net and some people said that the audio driver was causing this problem. To eliminate the audio driver as being the cause of your problem you should uninstall or disable the audio drivers or even install another PCI audio card for a while and see if you still get the BSOD. simply reinstalling the audio drivers will not help unless you can find updated drivers (look at the Asrock web site.)
ok, i uninstalled it, when i restarted windows it auto installed again, and i have just found out that the rear fan in my Haf 912 went out somehow, im 99% sure it was working a few days prior to adding in the new HDD...

anyone know of a cheap 120mm fan (ive only got a couple of bucks to spend lol)... ive got 2 in the front for now ill be changing out the stock front one with the dead back one -.-

anywho, temps shouldn't be an issue at 62c max for CPU and 70c max for gpu at max burn in test on furmark/prime95... right?

im gonna try gaming for about an hr on AVA, ill be back to tell yah whats up :)

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