Question BSOD after a laptop teardown ?

Feb 14, 2022
So yesterday I opened up a laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 330S-15IKB with a GTX 1050) to fix an issue with it's keyboard. While fixing the keyboard I also replaced the thermal paste on the CPU and the GPU just because I had to clean it up anyway.

Now today when the laptop was used for gaming, it started getting the BSOD with the error "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR", since it's a hardware issue I started testing the hardware one by one until I started getting the BSOD again when the GPU was under load with FurMark. The error also didn't generate any dump files.
Running FurMark, the temps reach around 87C before the fans go 100%, after which it falls back to 82C-84C. The BSOD usually comes when the temps are falling from the high point after the fans go to 100%.

Another thing I have noticed after the keyboard fix is that the laptop has started making a clicking sound randomly. Not sure where it's coming from, but I know it's not a HDD as system only has SSDs, nor is it the fans as they are running fine with nothing obstructing them.
I have tried the following.
  • Taking apart the laptop and assembling it again. (Once after I reseated the power connector to the motherboard the BSOD took a lot longer to appear than usually)
  • Repasting everything multiple times
  • Driver updates
I am running out of ideas on what to do. Does anybody have any experience or any ideas of what to do?

Luckily the keyboard works fine now :D
Feb 14, 2022
You used silver paste ? I kinda doubt that...
Set fans 100% at 55C. If you reach 75C it's BSOD/Reboot cooking time.
Unfortunately the laptop has no way that I know of for fan control (bios has no options and the horrible lenovo app also has no options)
Can you elaborate on reaching 75C? Right now it get's to 85C-87C and crashes after fans kick in 100% and it starts coming down to around 80C.


Apr 9, 2011
You're reaching PCB melting temps. that shouldn't be attainable. Find a software app. that manipulates the fans (not afterburner rtss is very crashy atm) & make it start on boot. Once upon a time there was Riva Tuner, not checked that but it's still around.