BSOD after installation issue with Vista

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shunk wugga

Nov 18, 2010
K... I have a fairly old machine, but it works for me and it SHOULD run Vista just fine. I bought Ultimate SP1 some time ago, but never installed it as one particular piece of software wasn't supported on it (found out after I bought Vista).

Asus P4G800-V Motherboard
3.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 HT (Prescott core) with Hyperthreading on.
Kingston 2GB PC3200 RAM (2x1GB)
PNY 256MB Geforce 6200 AGP video card
M-Audio Audiophile 192 audio card
2xMaxtor 320GB ATA100 drives
Samsung SATA DVD burner w/lightscribe.

k... here's the issue: I install Vista Ultimate SP1 on my machine and at first everything is fine. At first login, I can enable Aero Glass, then download and install SP2, reboot and immediate blue screen.

Since I can't get past this, I try it again: reinstall - ok, first login - ok, don't enable aero glass - ok, install SP2, reboot, blue screen.

Here's where it gets odd: If I simply install Vista all is well until I reboot even if I haven't install a thing. The first login is fine and everything works, but when I reboot, I get a blue screen.

The complaints I've read on the net have this being an issue between Vista and Nvidia's driver, but I haven't even installed a driver yet; I'm still using the driver built-into Vista.

To see if that made a difference, I installed the latest NVidia driver with the same result: blue scree upon reboot.

I installed Vista using an old Matrox G400 card I had laying around and it worked just fine, no problems with blue screens.

so... is my only solution to NOT use my 6200 and switch to an ATI card or something?

(edit: I also borrowed a copy of Win7 Ultimate from a friend of mine and it does the exact same thing)
Not open for further replies.