BSOD after 'starting windows'


Dec 13, 2013

Yesterday night i was putting some videos onto my iPhone so i could watch them. So i booted my computer normally and it was all fine, i put the videos onto my iPhone successfully and proceeded to watch the videos on my phone and shut down. However, i ended up finishing it and wanting to watch more, so i pressed the power button and made a split decision to watch it tomorrow, so i held the power button down to force it to shut down.

However when i tried getting onto my computer the next day, i could not get past the 'starting windows' logo without getting the BSOD. After i get the BSOD, the computer will proceed to restart the system again and repeat.

I've tried getting into safe mode, but it only resulted in me getting the BSOD again. i can't get into the command prompt, doesn't work.

i'm getting a 0x00000024 (0xc0000034 0x00010770) for the BSOD. I'm suspecting that it may be the forced reset that i did or it may be a game that i installed called "Starbound".

If you know a possible solution to my problem, i'd gladly hear you out. Thank you so muc

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