BSOD after windows 7 splash screen


Jun 3, 2012
As soon as the splash screen fades to make way for the log on screen, the BSOD takes over. Start up repair is unable to find a solution. I suspect malware of some sort, but I have 3 different malware checkers on full scan and found nothing. I have this problem now on 3 different computers on the same network. 1 desktop and 2 HP HDX 16 Premium series laptops. All on Windows 7 that are constantly updated. Help!!

Ron Deaton


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On a working system, download & burn Kapersky Rescue Disk.
see if they go into safe mode without any issues. if they do then it may be something loaded in the start up tab under msconfig.
i see damaged video drivers cause bsod. the other issue could be more then one anti virus is loaded on these pc.
but i would try turning everythig off in msconfig and then remove the video driver and reboot.

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