Question BSOD and Com Port issue ASUS

Nov 2, 2019
Not sure where to post this but I have 2 problems, not sure if they are related but after i boot up i get this error message "Asus Mobilink" There is no bluetooth com port detected. Please ensure a bluetooth com port is set up, then restart the system." Occurs shortly after boot up, also I get a BSOD occurs at random. I can literally just leave it at the log in scree for windows 10 and it will do it. No set length of time either, sometimes happens in 5 mins other times a couple hours.

The BSOD eror is critical structure corruption. Looked online and tried the software issues tried to uninstall common programs that can cause it like blue stacks or daemon tools. Im thinking it might be a hardware issue maybe memory or graphics card or something but not sure. Havent tried messing with the hardware part, ram can be tempermental when i try seating it. Havent tried reinstalling windows because i have all my files on here. Thought I try this forum first before I do those things and see what you guys have to say.