BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER, after game crash.

Oct 31, 2018
First things first, here is my minidump log:!AoaM-6ThJugiaT6geCpq8tuB4NI

I was playing Overwatch, my game crashed but I could still hear my friends in discord, then about 30 seconds later I got a BSOD with the BAD_POOL_CALLER error.
I read that its usually to do with overclocking or driver issues, and since I don't overclock I figured I'd ask if anyone can tell me which driver is causing the issues.

Thanks in advance :)
basically, the nvidia gpu driver freed the same block of data in memory twice. the first time was ok, the second caused a bugcheck since it no longer owns the memory block.
debugger not working correctly on the memory dump. will try to update the debugger
debugger does not like your win32k.sys sometimes that means it has been modified. it is a common attack point by malware.

system had not been rebooted for over 14 days 4 hours.
it might have pending windows updates.

remove this overclock driver:
Intel extreme tuning BIOS interface driver
SystemRoot\System32\drivers\XtuAcpiDriver.sys Thu Feb 26 04:51:57 2015
your cpu came out Q4'15 it is never a good idea to have a overclock driver that is older than the cpu.
you could also look for a update :
but it is not a good idea to have a overclock driver running if you are trying to figure out system problems.

google "nvidia gpu firmware update tool" seems people have been having issues that a firmware update to the gpu might resolve.
looks like windows updated one of the gpu drivers, you might want to roll it back or do a clean gpu driver install from a nvidia setup.

unrelated problem:
rt640x64.sys driver is old: update site you can go here and there will be a link to the update.
(website not working right now)
this it the motherboard network driver, most likely you are using a usb wirelss that is also kind of old.
this link should point to a link to the Realtek website (which is not working right now)

usb wireless drivers depend on the bios, and the usb drivers. ie check your motherboard vendor website and see if there are bios and usb driver updates.
(not related to your current bugcheck)

Oct 31, 2018

Thanks a lot for your reply :) I'll go through everything you said and report back if I need help or if the error persists.

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