Question BSOD? crash/freeze when logging in after boot up or after idle/lock


Jan 26, 2013
Hi All

I will try and give as much information as i can, so forgive me if this is a long explanation

I have been having some crashes, as in title, either when i first boot up and try to login, or after the machine has been idle and locked. I do not think this has ever happened when i have been using the machine, and i think only when it is not logged into windows - i.e the locked screen. It is not consistent, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt.

The screens will have turned off due to being idle, and when i move the mouse or something to wake it up, the screens will come back on as normal but that will trigger the freeze/crash. I know everything is working up until the point i try to wake it up, because i have a keyboard with an LCD screen that indicates my hardware temperatures, and i can see them fluctuating still. But when i wake it up and it freezes, the keyboard no longer receives the temperature data from the OS.

I have tested letting it go idle without locking and staying logged in to windows and have not been able to reproduce so far, so it seems isolated to actually logging in to windows. I would be happy to never let it lock itself, but that obviously doesnt solve it when it happens when first logging in after booting up.

I should also mention that i have never actually seen a BSOD. It seems to just be a freeze that sometimes eventually results in an auto-reboot or i have to reboot it myself. But event viewer lists it as a critical error, event ID 41, stop code 0x8000400000000002. And having had BSOD issues a few times in the past, i downloaded bluescreenview which tells me the error is UNEXPECTED_KERNAL_MODE_TRAP.

Link to minidump:
I have just changed the settings to enable a complete memory dump next time it crashes.

I had an old failing hard drive in the machine that i thought may have been the cause, but i recently replaced that and the issue persists. There were no other hardware changes in the machine since long before the issue started, and i cannot think of any specific update or software change that happened at the time the issue started. It has been happening intermittently for a couple of months now.

Given this seems to happen on login i figure a fresh windows install may resolve, but i wanted some advice before i take the time to do that.

any advice is much appreciated

Full system specs:
i7 5930k
asus x99 deluxe u3.1
64gig corsair vengeance ddr4
RTX 2080ti
RTX 2060
GTX Titan X
Corsair ax1500i
windows 10 pro
Samsung 850 pro 1tb
4x WD hard drive various sizes
Windows 10
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