BSOD crashes after hardware upgrade, help needed


Jan 22, 2017
I would wipe the system and reinstall a current known good version of windows 10, then install the motherboard drivers from the motherboard vendor.


update or remove Asus PCProbe Utility
\SystemRoot\SysWow64\drivers\AsIO.sys Mon Apr 6 00:21:08 2009

old driver:
\SystemRoot\System32\drivers\amdiox64.sys Thu Feb 18 07:17:53 2010
AMD IO Driver

your have a device that is not getting removed correctly by the plug and play system
(it looks like a logitech device that is not correctly responding to low power states you might go to control panel and tell it to run in high performance mode until you get a updated driver or BIOS fix)
it looks like the device started but then later failed and the system tried to remove the device and could not.
the error code indicates the device was removed.

your system also shows lots of error in the nt kernel (4778 errors)
hal has 8 errors

the debugger shows a bunch of your windows core files that have been modified

I would assume that your windows version is infected/hacked.