Question BSOD every time I connect an old printer that worked with no problems before.

Mar 3, 2019
Hi all,
I hope to get some suggestions on why all of a sudden since a few days ago I started to get a BSOD every time I connect an HP printer to a USB on my laptop. I have used this printer on the same laptop for 4 years with zero problems.

This is the BSOD I'm getting

The only changes that I made to the laptop a few days before this started to happen were to uninstall a couple of VPNs I wasn't using and to defrag. I had also installed a new AV (Comodo) a few days before.

Note: There is nothing wrong with the printer, as I've since connected it to another Win 7 laptop I have with no problems.

Steps I have taken so far (with no success):
  1. Tried all USB ports
  2. Unistalled-reinstalled printer
  3. Ran full malware scan
  4. Ran system restore
  5. Deleted the paging file
  6. Disabled AV right before connecting printer
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