BSOD - i'm getting multiple blue screen of death. please help resolving it


Apr 1, 2012
Hi Experts,

I have been getting this frustrating BSOD since long. Due to less time out of work available i could not personally look into it and aske my vendor to take care of it.

He suggested me to replace mother board, ram and HDD (Except the processor, smps, dvd drive etc. (which isnt working)), But even after getting new hardware the BSODs arent giving me peace.

Please let me know what should i do to resolve this error. I suspect some of my software installations (like Kaspersky ) is creating the problem. Also my firefox repeadtedly crashes.

Please let me know what details would you require to help me solve the bsod problem. I'm giving the link of a screenshot of bluescreenviewer of my computer.

I have windows XP professional SP2 installed on the system.

Please see below links:

Thanks in advance

Boot from your windows CD and repair-install your operating system.
Once you get running again, update to SP3 and all subsequent hotfixes.
All those BSOD messages tend to occur due to corrupted RAM. The fact its multiple RAM related messages farther indicates thats the root problem.

Run memtest86/Prime95 on each stick of RAM, as I suspect one of them is bad.


Nov 19, 2013

I'm having the BSOD too on a freshly installed win 7 on a brand new 1TB hd on my toshiba satellite laptop. the problem is I can't go 30 minutes without the laptop restarting. I also can't read the BSOD error message because it restarts so fast. I tried hitting F8 when it starts up but I can't disable the restart, the only options that I'm given is enter safe mode, safe mode w/ networking safe mode w/ command prompt and start Windows normally. I also can't download/update the 14 Windows security updates either due to lack of time. I have a Toshiba A205-S7464.

Can someone please advise?

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