BSOD into the motherlode of issues


Aug 5, 2013
I'm writing this from my HTPC at home, and is my first time posting here, so please bear with me...

I bought an OCZ Agility-3 when they first came out, and did that thing where you change the registry so that you can run windows from your SSD as C, but all of the files you use are on a regular HDD at E:/

After a long time of working, my SSD started to slow down and occasionally I would receive BSOD's with a stop error code of 0x000000F4. A little research told me this was likely due to the SSD's firmware, not a big deal unless I needed the speed from the SSD. Nor was it very easy to update the firmware, I have to move the SSD to slave on another machine (without a RAID)... etc.

Until Today

Came home, another F4. Hadn't seen one in at least a month so kinda weird.

But now I can't log in. Booting takes 10-20 times as long, when I do get to windows login "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." Did some research, need to boot into safe mode.

Boot into safe mode. No start menu or taskbar of any kind, right clicking doesn't work, but I do have a command prompt and keyboard as well as task manager.

I have tried sfc /scannow, but it told me "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."

Explorer.exe exists in my processes on taskmanager.

I am scared to do a full wipe of windows with a disc for fear of the SSD registry changes forcing me to lose all of my data.

Is this a virus? Am I missing something simple? This is the first really major problem I've had that google has failed me on. Please, any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated


Oct 8, 2012
Run memtest off hirens boot cd or download it seperatly.

Download Kaspersky Rescue disc 10 and to full update. Run full system scan.

To me this sounds like something stupid. I'd start with memtest.