BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ntoskrnl.exe listed as cause

Oct 22, 2018
Just last month I put together a new computer, running Win10 Pro.
I've been getting occasional BSODs of varying kinds on it, each of which I've taken necessary steps (driver updating, sfc /scannow, dism, and so forth) to fix. This appears to be the last BSOD I've been getting and have been unable to fix it myself, so I've come hoping for an answer.

I have both BlueScreenView and WhoCrashed, and they both list ntoskrnl.exe as the BSOD cause.
Copypasting the WhoCrashed analysis here:

System Information (local)

Computer name: GUILD-SWEETHEAR
Windows version: Windows 10 , 10.0, build: 17134
Windows dir: C:\Windows
Hardware: MS-7821, MSI, Z97-G45 GAMING (MS-7821)
CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz Intel586, level: 6
4 logical processors, active mask: 15
RAM: 17126178816 bytes total

On Mon 22-Oct-18 3:23:45 PM your computer crashed or a problem was reported
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\102218-24171-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x1A9490)
Bugcheck code: 0xA (0xFFFFC2886F6E7368, 0x2, 0x0, 0xFFFFF80139C3F8A7)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: MicrosoftR WindowsR Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System

Bug check description: This indicates that Microsoft Windows or a kernel-mode driver accessed paged memory at DISPATCH_LEVEL or above. This is a software bug.
This bug check belongs to the crash dump test that you have performed with WhoCrashed or other software. It means that a crash dump file was properly written out.
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.

I have uploaded the crash dump file as well:!qshTwaZQ!JShFcr0FckOk-eKM8jh0v0LP-lSBTttnOJKpC_UiwSA

Here is what I have done on my own:
Checked motherboard for any damage, it appears fine.
Ran memtest on my RAM, gave it 9 passes, no errors.
Ran Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool on my CPU, no errors.
Ran Disk Checkup on my HDDs, all listed OK and no errors when running self tests.
Driver updates, lots of driver updates.
Ran sfc /scannow in an elevated command prompt.
Ran dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth in an elevated command prompt.

That's everything I can remember.
Any help would be great.
something is really wrong with WinRing0x64.sys
what is it being used for? remove it if you can.

unexpected very old game capture driver:
\SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\ElgatoGC658.sys Tue Nov 8 23:39:12 2011

bios interface seems messed up, debugger commands will not work. could just be a old bios version. check for updates from your motherboard vendor.

old audio driver:
\SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\vbaudio_cable64_win7.sys Wed Aug 13 23:15:25 2014

basically, when firefox restarted a thread, the system buchecked since one of the memory addresses was not currently in memory. the address could have been modified on disk or got modified when it was copied from c:\pagefile.sys to active memory. or another driver corrupted the memory. you can not tell from the memory dump.

you have Intel extreme tuning BIOS interface driver
\SystemRoot\System32\drivers\XtuAcpiDriver.sys Thu Feb 26 04:51:57 2015
this error could also be caused by a bad overclock.

I would download and run autoruns from here:
and find the menu item "hide Microsoft entries" then I would uncheck or delete any suspect driver and retest. I would start with the overclock driver.

be sure you update to the current bios and the current motherboard drivers.

system was up for 5 days 11 hours before you got the bugcheck.

- looks like you have generic windows usb drivers installed. it can be a problem depending on the bios date of the motherboard.
i would also check to see if this driver is up to date:
it might have to match your bios, not sure:
Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver
\SystemRoot\System32\drivers\TeeDriverW8x64.sys Sun Nov 19 03:39:59 2017
you might look here for updates:
cpu released Q2'14

also download and run crystaldiskinfo.exe to see if your drive is having any errors.

i don't use firefox but since it was restarting i would check to see if it is some issue with firefox or some extension.)
Oct 22, 2018

WinRing0x64.sys was with the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool. I have uninstalled it. It was also with Real Temp, so I also uninstalled that. I no longer have that driver installed now.

My BIOS is up to date. I even double checked.

The audio driver is for a virtual audio cable I use, while old, it's the latest version.

I'm not overclocking the computer as far as I'm aware, apart from having an XMP enabled. The default one I can turn on via clicking the button for it.

Nothing stood out to me when I checked out autoruns.

The Intel driver thing found no new updates. It's a thing I've run before to update drivers prior to this, and currently still does not list any new drivers.

Crystaldiskinfo reports good health for my HDDs.

Firefox apparently can cause BSODs with its accessibility stuff when I looked it up, so I have turned that off.