Question bsod issue (probably) caused by xmp being enabled

Sep 8, 2023
Hey, I have a question. Recently I bought a new PC.
ASRock B760M Pro RS/D4
64GB RAM (4x16) Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz
RTX 2060 Super
WD Black SN850X NVMe 1TB
Samsung EVO 870 2TB

I use win 11 and when I went to the BIOS it says that the ram speed is 3200MHZ with its XMP being enabled. I played a couple of games, and I got some issues. The first issue is whenever I use a software, it will suddenly close itself (without not responding) and I have to re-open it again, same goes to the games. The second issue is BSOD, whereas whenever I play those games it will suddenly freeze and showed a blue screen and automatically rebooting the system. I checked the Event Viewer and it was caused by Event 41, Kernel-Power.

Could it be that it's because of the XMP being enabled? or could it be the drivers? the windows?
I have ran memory diagnostics test and it said that my ram is not detecting any errors, same goes for my NVMe.
Any kind of help is appreciated, I am thinking on installing Windows 10, but I am not sure.