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Question BSOD Issues - Windows 10 - New Build

Aug 7, 2019
Hi team,

Have run into a little bit of an issue. I have looked through so many forums, and can't find a definite answer.

I have just changed my MOBO, RAM, CPU to brand new parts.

Since the change, i tend to get BSOD while games load at specific parts, also sometimes random things like mozilla crash randoml, etc.

BSOD errors are:

Critical process
Memory management - seems to be the most usual one 90% of the time.

I have re-installed windows, i have checked every driver in my entire system, checked certain apps, un-installed most things that were newly downloaded after the install of new parts, and run the memory diagnostic, which come back and said i have an issue contact blah blah blah.

Any ideas?

I know BIOS could be an issue, and faulty ram, but it's brand new ram so i'm hoping not.