BSOD : kernel data inpage error (0x0000007a)


May 19, 2015
I've been recently having a problem with my PC. It's a bit slow (would often freeze on my browser), but now I've been getting a BSOD that says "kernel data in page error (both randomly and when waking the computer up). I researched it and tried chkdsk /f but it will either freeze at 24%, or will end up on another BSOD "bad system config info". I can start the computer up and log into an account but most applications like browsers or programs are extremely slow and constantly freeze. What are some possible solutions to this?
The computer is a gateway sx2855 running windows 7 home premium. Hard drive : wdc wd3200aakx-00erma0
Processor : Intel Celeron CPU G460 @ 1.80GHz


Nov 4, 2012
a kernel in page error means the system is having problems reading from storage.

I would check the cables, maybe put the data cable on a different sata port on the primary controller.
(often the slower controller is the primary controller). With older drives it can be the drive is getting errors when windows tries to read from it. if you can get the system to boot you can run hardware diagnostics on the drive. maybe seatools, or you can use crystaldiskinfo.exe and read the error data from the drive (smart data)

you could also look at the error logs and see if there a bunch showing errors reading the drive.

fixing the problem: it kind of depends on how badly you want to keep the data from the drive. spinning hard drives tend to have a high failure rate, you can run the crystaldiskinfo or seatools and get an idea of how much longer the drive will last or you can pick up a new solid state drive and install windows again.

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