Question BSOD, Kernel-Power 41 Bugcheckcode 292, volmgr 161, literally cannot fix it


May 20, 2019
GPU: Aorus 2080Ti Xtreme 11G
CPU: 9980XE (not overclocked)
Cooler: NZXT Kraken Z73
RAM: 4x16 Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz (used to be a 8x16 kit but 4 sticks or slots on the motherboard broke)
MOBO: ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega
STORAGE: 2TB Samsung Evo 970 NVMe SSD
STORAGE 2: 6TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS HDD

-No problems when it's idle
-BSOD Happens ONLY, and I MEAN ONLY when gaming graphics-intensive games, so far I've played Rust and Naraka Bladepoint and those 2 surely cause the bluescreen
-I've run Prime95 and Furmark AT THE SAME TIME, CPU on 60 Deg. celsius and GPU maxing out at 80-82 Deg. celsius, no crash.
-Memtestx86, 0 Errors
-CrystaldiskInfo, 99% health SSD and No problems HDD
-No Minidumps

What's notable:
I had this problem really badly when I had overclocks on my 9980XE (allcore 4 GHz), removed them: temporarily fixed the issue, no BSOD for around 2 days, and now we're back. I also noticed that completely reducing the graphic settings of games until they look like a Nintendo 64 game either heavily reduces the amount or eliminates the BSOD.
I already used DDU before I had this problem to reset my GPU drivers, also recently updated them.
I ran "msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic" in cmd and got a LOAD of "problems" including stuff like "Unknown Device" or problems with system drivers, so many that I could not count them and I cannot recall what things they were. Then I went into the Windows update setting and clicked on optional updates, it showed a ton of drivers that needed update that were mostly related to my CPU, then I updated, checked event viewer and it failed basically all of them, I'm investigating that issue right now.
Since I bought this RAM I cannot enable XMP. They are running at 2666 MHz because everytime I enable XMP the PC crashes/BSODs, this is very weird and might be due to just faulty ram, this has always been like this though.
This problem just came out of nowhere when I first got Naraka Bladepoint, I played for a bit and then the first BSOD happened, since then Rust BSOD's as well.

Now to the things I've collected:
Eventviewer has this: (happened while playing Naraka Bladepoint a little while earlier)

1st: The game freezes, I can still hear and talk on discord
2nd: 3 seconds after this, the actual crash occurs, generates 2 events that happen at the exact time of the BSOD and at the same time.

Event ID 161

Event ID 41

The only thing I see on the screen is the "blue curtain of death" being rolled down on my main monitor and then the text popping up with that sad face. Instead of having a progress bar (it writing a dump file) it just stays on the BSOD for 2s and then auto-restarts the PC.
I'm extremely frustrated at this and I thank anyone that responds in advance. I can provide any other information that's needed.

EDIT: Im going to make a new thread as I've tried some more stuff and the problem has now "evolved"
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